At the first sign of roof damage, call NM Roofing Systems at 505-415-6172 to schedule your free roofing assessment. At your convenience, one of our professional roofing consultants will meet with you at your home, assess your roof and let you know if you will qualify for roof replacement. There is no cost or obligation associated with one of our complimentary assessments.

After your roof has been evaluated, your NM Roofing Systems consultant will coordinate with your insurance company representative(s) so that they can be present when your insurance company arrives to verify the damage to your home. In some cases, homeowners may qualify for roof replacement through their homeowner’s insurance.*

Once your insurance company has verified any damage to your roof, your NM Roofing Systems consultant will explain the insurance company’s policies and paperwork. Once things are fully explained and agreed upon, your NM Roofing Systems consultant will schedule a day for our crews to repair or replace your roof.

Our Most Frequently Asked Question

“Is my insurance company really going to cover all of the costs of a roof replacement?”

Almost all. In most cases, it’s written into your policy. Essentially, it is the promise that your insurer makes to you in exchange for the payment you make each month or year.

Homeowner’s policies are different from auto insurance because they pay the full cost to replace your roof* rather than a prorated amount based on the age of your roof.

For example, if you own a 10-year old car and it is destroyed in an accident, your Insurance company will pay you the  “Actual Cash Value” for it or what they asses it to be worth today.  At the time of the accident, they may assess your car to be currently worth $2,000 – even if you paid $10,000 for the vehicle at the time of purchase and even if you’ll have to pay another $10,000 to replace it. Silly, right?

But your homeowner’s insurance is based upon the “Replacement Cost Value” which means that in most cases, it will cover a roof replacement at today’s prices, even if you are seeking to replace an old roof with significant weather damage! This means that even if you paid significantly less for your existing roof 15 years ago, you can likely get it replaced under your homeowner’s insurance policy at its current cost, less the deductible!

*Homeowner is responsible for any deductible incurred as a result of their homeowner’s policy*

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